Form 9. Unit 1. Lesson 9

Listening exercises ( 2a, 2b page 27)

Exercise 1

Choose the right option:

1. John is extremely lucky Or unlucky.

2.He is a 16-year-old teenager Or a 17- year-old teenager.

3. His life wasn’t Or was always so easy when he was growing up.

4. John was brought up by his parent until he was 5 Or 7.

5. He was lucky Or unlucky to have a close-knit family.

Exercise 2

Fill in the missing words:

1. Unfortunately, his ___ and ____ died in a  ___crash and John had to live with his _______.

2. It was awfully _____ for them to look _____ me I was really a_____ child,” said John.

3. He started _______,  ______ truant (missing school), getting into trouble.

4. He stayed out ____ at night, got into trouble with _____ and even started to take ____ .

5. So it was decided that he should ____ and live with a _____ family.”

Exercise 3

True or False?

1. Things started to change.

2. James and Linda Smith didn’t  show John that there was another life for him.

3. John understood how important it was to go to school.

4.But he didn’t  get on well with everyone around and  didn’t lead a healthy way of life.

5. He is really happy with the recent changes in his life.

Exercise 4

Answer the following questions:

1. Was John unhappy after his parents’ death?

2. What did he start doing?

3. When did he stop doing bad things?

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