Form 9. Unit 2. Lesson 1

Reading Drills

Sociable – unsociable; a sociable boy – an unsociable person. George was in no mood to be sociable. They had a very sociable evening. They are sociable people who enjoy having parties. He was generally unsociable.

Intelligent – unintelligent; He’s a hardworking but not very intelligent boy. She is intelligent and extremely well-read. She is easily the most intelligent person in the class. Are there intelligent beings on other planets?

A character- characters; a character( n) – to character ( v). She had a strong character. You can’t judge a man’s character by his looks. He is a man of character. You have well charactered him. He was a man of noble character. ( благородный)

Appearance – appearances;  Have you noticed any changes in her appearance? You shouldn’t judge by appearances. Her first appearance was a success. She makes the best appearance possible. What do you appreciate more a character or an appearance?

Appreciate – appreciated- appreciated; to appreciate smb.’s friendship; to appreciate smb.’s character;  to appreciate smb.’s help; I’m not an expert, but I appreciate fine works of art. I really appreciated the information you gave me. Living in the city has taught me to appreciate the differences between people. I really appreciate my nuclear family.

Relationship – relationships; he had a good relationship with his family. Our relationship is built on trust. Respect is a very important part of any relationship. I’m not ready for a romantic relationship.

In real life, relationships are not perfect. We have relationships of many different sorts — with our children, our parents, our boss and our friends, to name but a few.

Interpersonal – personal; an interpersonal conflict, interpersonal relationships, We have close interpersonal relationships in our class. Psychologists study interpersonal relationships in the each social group.

Lend – lent- lent; lend a hand; Can you lend me a hand with this? They were always ready to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. That’s kind of you to lend me a hand like this.

Let the cat out of  the bag; We wanted to surprise Mary with a birthday giftbut Dan let the cat out of the bag. Ive let the cat out of the bag alreadyMrCorthelland I might as well tell the whole thing now. I hope he doesn’t let the cat out of the bag. Don’t let the cat out of the bag.


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