Form 9. Unit 2. Lesson 3

Grammar Drills

Exercise 1

Fill in the table with the personal and possessive pronouns:


Exercise 2

Choose the right pronoun:

1. She is tired because of her/ hers work.

2. I don’t like their/ theirs cat. It is too fat.

3. It isn’t Jill’s motorbike. It is my/ mine.

4. She isn’t our/ ours teacher.

5. I like my job but David hates him / his.

6. Look at this puppy! Is it Helen’s? — Yes, it is her/ hers.

7. My/ mine friend is a shoulder to cry on.

8. Oh, no! I have forgotten my pen! Can you lend me your/ yours?

9. Helen is a true friend. I appreciate ours/ our friendship very much.

10. I can’t rely on Jack and don’t believe him/ his words.

Exercise 3

Write the suitable pronouns:

Dan’s family is not very large. ___1__ dad is a teacher. When ___2__ get together __3__ always tells about__4___ work and ___5__ students.____6__ likes them very much.___7_ mum is a doctor. ____8__see ___9___when she is not at _10___ clinics.

When___11_ get together ___12____ tells them about___13___ patients. Dan’s parents are very sociable. ___14___ have a lot of friends. When __15___ get together____16__ always discuss ___17___ work and ____18____ problems.

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