Game «Traffic lights»

Универсальный приём для разрядки на уроке английского языка, который одинаково можно применять во всех классах начальной, средней и старшей школы. Возможна вариативность в использовании. Мы пока испробуем первый вариант этой игры на четвёртом уроке 2 раздела в 9 классе.

Game “Traffic lights”

The green light allows traffic to proceed in the direction denoted, if it is safe to do so and there is room on the other side of the intersection. The red signal prohibits any traffic from proceeding.You know these simple rules.

In our game “Go” means that you agree and support my idea. And you will show your “Green”.
“Stop” means that you disagree. And you will show your  “Red”.
Listen and be attentive choosing your friend. Try to explain your point of view.
1. Your friend is not trustworthy.
2. Your friend is reliable.
3. You always support each other.
4. You can’t rely on your friend.
5. You have a close friendship.
6. He often blames you for some things.
7. He never lends a helping hand.
8. He often tells your secrets to other people.
9. He is always honest with you.
10. You treat with respect to each other.
11. He is often rude with you.
12. You don’t have a lot in common.

Так выглядит мной предложенный светофор.

Вариант для 11 класса 


1. A well organised, patient and kind person can be a doctor.
2. A badly-paid job brings a lot of satisfaction.
3. Money is a great priority nowadays.
4. Choosing a job is not very important.
5. I am afraid of travelling by planes and would like to be a flight attendant.
6. I am a creative person. I am fond of sewing and knitting. My dream job is a fashion designer.
7. A well paid job is connected with information technologies and business.
8.A waitress is a person who cooks food.
9. Creative people are always well-organised.
10. An accountant is a person who has a lot of accounts.
11.Employers usually hire unskilled workers.
12. You should always follow in your parents’ footsteps choosing your future profession.

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