Form 9. Unit 2. Lesson 5

The secret of a true friendship

Listening Exercises

Exercise 1

Choose the right option:

In ancient Greece Socrates was well known as…

A) a wise teacher

B) a wise doctor

C) a wise man

One day one … met the great philosopher.

A) Fellow

B) Girl

C) Boy

I’d like you to have a little test. It is called…

A) The Double Filter

B) The Triple Filter

It might be a good idea to take a moment and … what you’re going to say.

A) check

B) change

C) filter

Exercise 2

Match the filter with its name:

A) The first filter is 1) The filter of Goodness
B) The second filter is 2) The filter of Usefulness
C) The third filter is 3) Truth

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words:

 “***” concluded Socrates, “if what you *** to tell me is neither *** nor good nor even *** , why *** it to me at all?”

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