Form 11. Unit 2. Jobs

Form 11. Unit 2. Jobs

Lexical Drills ( Card 8)

Упражнения были составлены на основе учебного пособия «Устные материалы для подготовки к экзамену» ( авторы В.А. Скок и Г.Е.Казючиц.)

Exercise 1

Read the extract and fill in the missing words:

 Career          Well-paid          Satisfaction       Profession         Abilities        Suits            Suitable          Well-paid      Outdoors         Right choice     

It is not an easy task to make the ____1_____________ of a job. People choose _____2_____ according to their interests and _____3_________.

When choosing a future _____4_______ we should consider different ________5_____ . Money is one of them. There are _______6_______ and low-paid jobs. I think everyone wants to earn as much as possible.

But on the other hand , it is good to get ________7_________ from your job. So it is very important to choose a profession that ____8______ your interests. You should know that some jobs are _________9____ for men and others for women.

You should also decide whether you want to work indoors or ______10_________.

Exercise 2

Match two parts of the sentences :

1. You should take into account A. you should love children.
2.To become a good doctor B. you should work quickly and accurately.
3.To be a teacher C. friendly and persuasive.
4.To become a secretary D. you must be patient, caring and kind.
5.Salespeople need to be E. your traits of character.

Exercise 3

Make the sentences and write them down:

1.a part-time / has / both/ job/ advantages/ disadvantages/ and.

2. have/ you/ low/ may/ grades/ it/ of/ because.

3.but/ teaches/ to/ combine/ it/ studies/ work/ and/ same/ at/ the/ time.

4. it/ also/ to / teaches/ communicate/ with/ others/ and/ interact.

Exercise 4

Give some advice on how to behave at a job interview to create a positive impression on the employer. Use the phrases given below:

Dress decently/ choose official clothes/ arrive on time/ be punctual/ be confident

Exercise 5

Some people think that it is necessary to have computer skills to get a good job. Read the information given below and try to unscramble some words:

Nowadays it is almost ELBPOSMISI to imagine any ESIONPRFS without global TIONCAMUNCOMNI, making presentations on the RTECOMPU. Sure you must be FULSLLI to get a good OJB.

Exercise 6

Be ready to speak about your future career, use the material given above

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