Form 9 Unit 3 Lesson 7

Exercise 1. Open the brackets (из КУ).

  1. The (early) the person goes to bed, the (early) he or she gets up.
  2. The (early) people get up, the (much) time they have to do work in peace and quiet.
  3. The (much) work they do, the (confident) they feel.
  4. The (confident) they feel, the (happy) they are.
  5. The (much) work people do, the (much) money they get.
  6. The (much) money they get, the (wealthy) they are.

Exercise 2. Complete the sentences with the necessary prepositions.

  1. He found it difficult to get his American jokes *** to an English audience.
  2. I don’t really get *** with my sister’s husband.
  3. When will he get ***?
  4. The train gets *** at 3 o’clock.
  5.  How did he ever get *** his driving test? 
  6. The whole family usually gets *** at Christmas. 
  7. They have to get *** early in the morning.
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