Form 9. Unit 5. Lesson 4

Lexical Test

Exercise 1

Unscramble the following words and translate them:

1. tlees

2. eavyh wosn

3. ondpurwno

4. ihgtl arin

5. unhtredromst

6. owhsre

7. yusnn lsvaitern

8. cstavoer

9. ilha

10. ggyof dya

Exercise 2

Match the word with its definition:

1 It is measured in degrees by Celsius or Fahrenheit. A Wind
2 Water in the form of gas. B Temperature
3 Moisture that falls from the air to the ground C Atmosphere
4 The air between the Earth and space D Precipitation
5 The movement of the cold and warm air from high to low pressure areas E Water vapour

Exercise 3

Fill in the gaps. Use the vocabulary from the help box. One word is odd.

 shines     blows        there            it        predict             forecasts                 

1. How will people _________ weather in future?

2. When spring comes, the sun _________ brighter.

3. _______ are no clouds in the sky.

4. ______ is overcast day today.

5. Do you trust weather ______?

Exercise 4

Put the words into the right order and write down the sentences:

1. the/ what/ is/ weather/ like/ today?

2. it/ we/ a/ is/ hot/ and/ thunderstorm/ very/ expect/ today.

3. tomorrow/ be/ it/ overcast/ will.

4. is/ it/ to/ going/ rain.

5. it/ sometimes/ fog/ and/ is/ the/ is/ thick/ foggy/ very.

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