Form 4 Unit 5 Lesson 8


Teacher: Tatiana Glushakova

Form 4

Theme: Funny animals (8/10)

Aims: to develop pupils’ listening, speaking and writing skills

By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to

  1. Say 5 sentences about a pet
  2. Write a self-dictation of 7 words denoting food and 2 sentences about what animals eat.
  3. Understand a short authentic video The Secret Life of Pets and do a test while watching it.

Lesson Plan

I. Warming up

Hello, boys and girls! I hope you are fine today and ready for the lesson. Let’s start. Look at the blackboard and make two sentences about pets to know the topic of our lesson. Appendix 1



Pets are our friends. They are funny. 3 min

II. Getting acquainted with the lesson plan (aims):

What are we going to do at the lesson?

We’ll listen to a song, write a dictation, watch a fantastic video and speak about funny pets. 1 min

III. Main lesson stage

1) Let’s start with a song. Handing out the lyrics of the Pets song.

Kid’s Box 1, Unit 05 Pets song

Appendixes 2,3

Task: In this song there are 6 people, they’ve got pets. These cards have the peoples’ names and some information about their pets. Listen and be ready to match the cards and say 2 sentences about each person.

Example: Meera has got a fish. It’s a long fish. 5 min

2) Preparing for the dictation. Cards on the blackboard. Making sentences:

Number 1 is bones. Number 2 is grass. Number 3 is seeds, ets.

Then the teacher changes places and pupils name the pictures once again.

Number 1 is bones, number 2 is grass. etc

Appendix 4 (pictures above)

2-3 min

3) Self-dictation. 4 minutes. 7 words + 2 sentences.

Pupils look at the pictures on the blackboard and write the words. The teacher keeps silence.

4) Moving activity

Stand up! Hands up!

Hands down. Hands on hips.

Sit down.

Stand up. Stand still.

My hands upon my head I place.

On my shoulders. On my face.

Then I put them in front of me

And gently clap 1,2,3.

5) Video The secret life of pets. Computer work. Self-assessment.

Before watching: pronounce the pets’ names after me. Watch the video, do the test and be ready to say which pet you like most. 5 min

Appendix 5

After watching:

Did you enjoy the video? Are the pets funny? Which pet do you like? 2 min

6) Are you ready to take care of such funny pets? Get one and describe it. Handing out pop-up pictures of pets to the pupils.

I’ve got a pet.

It is a cat/dog/hamster/parrot…

It’s black/brown/white/yellow….

It’s big/little/long/naughty/noisy/quiet/lazy/angry….

It eats…

It likes…


Pupils’ own answers.

Other pupils ask questions: What does your pet like? What does your pet drink/eat? Does your pet eat grass? Does your pet drink milk?

After the pupils’ answers the teacher puts the pictures of their pets on the blackboard in the form of a house.

7) End of the lesson. Marks.

Say good-bye to your pets to teach them good manners.

Good-bye, Max!

Good-bye, Gidget!

Good-bye everyone.

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