Form 11. Unit 6. Lesson 2

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Match the festival with the date of its celebration :

1 Kalyady A One week before Lent
2 New Year B July 7
3 Easter C In spring
4 Kupalle D January 1
5 Pancake Day E  from the 6th till the 19th of January AD.

Exercise 2

Fill in the missing words:

1. Belarusian life is full of c___________ and t____________ .

2. Ancient r________ may be seen in our customs and holidays.

3. Orthodox C___________ comes a week after the N____ Y_____.

4. People celebrate K________ from the 6th till the 19th of January AD.

5. They carry a star, others s_____carols, d____ up as Goats, Bears, Storks, Horses and Old Men.

6. People light b_____, perform traditional dances, sing folk s_____ and jump over the f______.

7. On the Eighth of March w______ are traditionally presented with f________ and gifts 

8. Draniki is the most popular d_______ of Belarus.

9. People usually paint e____ for Easter.

10. We give flowers to v______ on Victory Day.

Exercise 3

Put the words into the right order and write down the sentences:

1. important/ it/ very/ to/ is/ our/ follow/ traditions.

2. should/ know/ our/ we/ roots/ historic.

3. more/ is/ we/ should/ what/ our/ culture/ national / respect.

4. responsible/ we/ for/ our/ are/ heritage.

5. are/ a/ lot/ there/ places/ visit/ to/ of/ Belarus/ in.

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