Form 9 Unit 6 Lessons 2-3

Lexical test to lessons 2-3 Unit 6 Form 9.

Form 9 Unit 6

Vocabulary Test to Lessons 2-3

Total:30                                                                                                     Mark:_____

I. Find Russian equivalents 2:5=0,4
avalanche молния
blizzard лавина
lightning метель
thunder лесной пожар
wildfire гром
II. Make phrases 4:6=0,67
hoar storm
freezing weather
ice ice
black frost
extreme rain
disastrous flood
III. Choose the correct word for each definition 6:7=0,86
heatwave injure distruction drought hurricane suffer from lack of
  1. A ________  is a period of time during which the weather is much hotter than usual.
  2. A ________  is a long period of time during which no rain falls.
  3. A _________ a violent wind which has a circular movement, especially found in the West Atlantic Ocean.
  4. ________ is to hurt or cause physical harm to a person or animal.
  5. ________ is a situation when something is not available or when there is not enough of it. 
  6. ________ is the act of destroying.
  7. __________ means to experience physical or mental pain.

IV. Fill in the missing words 8:7=1,14

  1. The sun can ______ your skin.
  2. Heatwaves often _______ wildfires.
  3. People ________ from extreme weather events.
  4. A heavy fall of snow had _______ed the city’s transport system.
  5. Belarusian people suffered from Chernobyl ______ of 1986.
  6. ________ are usually formed above the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean.
  7. If you live near a river, you should be ready for a ______.

V. Translate into Russian. 10:5=2

  1. What is done in the world to save our planet from an ecological disaster?
  2. The impact of heatwaves was catastrophic.
  3. A great damage has been done to agriculture, forests, and people’s health.
  4. Minsk was almost completely destroyed dunning the last war.
  5. Many people in Africa are in danger of dying from disease due to lack of food and clean water.

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