Form 11. Unit 6. Lesson 5

На проверку усвоения лексических единиц по урокам 5-6 из раздела 6 для 11класса. 

Lexical dictation

Many years ago in the Middle Ages there was a huge fortress on the crossroads of Europe and Belarus. It was a real must see at those times.

There lived a king, his minstrels and knights. Poor people lived in the houses that had straw roofs around that fortress.

The fortress had four watch towers, a dungeon and a drawbridge. There was a deep moat around it. You could catch crucian carps, pikes, eels and perches in the water of that moat. You could take your basket and go to the woods. There were a lot of edible and some poisonous mushrooms in it. 

Every weekends people had significant medieval tournaments and folk crafts festivals there. It was a good way to get rid of boredom those days.

P.S. В диктанте 25 лексических единиц, поэтому оцениваем по шкале на 25 заданий. Обращаем внимание и на написание ранее изученной лексики. Её правильность можно проверить отдельно и выставить средний балл за всю работу. 


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