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  1. How do foreigners picture a typical Englishman?

Different nations have different characters. We expect every nation to have some typical qualities.

English people like reading a lot, especially newspapers-talking about the weather, going to a pub, discussing news and drinking beer there. They also like to spend time in a club. English people are considered to be cold, reserved and rather haughty(надменный) They rarely shake hands. The traditional love of the English for their homes is known all over the world. They prefer to spend free time at home with their families. And it is true that Englishmen prefer to live in the house of their own. But nowadays more and more flats are built and fewer detached and semi-detached houses.

The remarkable politeness is one of the most striking traits of the English. They are never tired of saying «Thank you» and «Sorry».The English take everything with exquisite sense of humor. They can be easily offended if you say they do not have it. It is well known all over the world that the English do not like noisy behavior. Nobody rushes for seats in buses or trains.

Many of the world’s famous sports began in England, including cricket, football, lawn tennis and rugby.

In fact every national character is a combination of good and bad traits. But still you must treat every nation with equal respect. 

  1. In which way are Scots different from the English?

The four part of the United Kingdom have four nations that are differ from each other almost in every aspect of life.

Traditionally the English are thought to be reserved and shy of strangers. They don’t show much emotions. Besides, the English have the ability to control themselves in difficult situations. As far as I know they’re a little suspicious of change and rather conservative. Nevertheless, the Englishmen are very hardworking, responsible and honest.

The Scots on the contrary, are less reserved and very talkative. Actually, they like chatting especially the country people. They’re easy-going and have natural sense of humor. Moreover, the Scots have a strong sense of their values and traditions, which are in their national songs, dances, poetry, and manners. People say, they have a reputation of being rather thrifty, but despite this fact they are very generous and hospitable. The Scotts always welcome visitors with open arms and offer them plenty of food and drink.

  1. Imagine you and your peer from Britain are discussing stereotypes. What questions would you ask him about the British?
  • What are the main national traits of British people?
  • What are the specific qualities of their character?
  • Are the British tea-drinkers?
  • What is your favourite dish?
  • What are your favourite sports?
  1. How not to behave badly abroad? Give some tips to travellers.

Traveling to all corners of the world gets easier and easier. We live in a global village, but this doesn’t mean that we all behave in the same way.

Firstly visiting different countries we should know how to behave when you meet someone for the first time. In many parts of Asia, there is no physical contact at all
Secondly many countries have some rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear. In Japan, you should take off your shoes when entering a house or a restaurant.
Then there are some rules about food and drink. In Mexico and Japan, many people prefer not to discuss business while eating. Lunch is time to relax and socialize, and the Japanese rarely drink alcohol at lunchtime.
At last different countries have different points about doing business.

5. Do stereotypes connected with the British sound true?

Not always I can say. Some things are true but others are not.

F.e. The great British breakfast and afternoon tea are mostly found in hotels.

They really drink a lot of tea but coffee is also popular.They are shy and don’t make friends easily with strangers.They don’t spend much of money on clothes. And one more true fact is that when they meet they really begin their conversation about weather.

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