Types of houses in the UK

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10 класс, Unit 1.

There are four basic [ʹbeısık] types of housing in the UK: detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and flats.

A semi-detached house is the most popular type of housing in the UK. Then come detached and terraced.

A semi-detached house is two houses joined together. A semi-detached house gives its owner enough privacy even if one wall is shared by the two houses. The disadvantage is that the owner is responsible for the upkeep of his side of the house and cannot plan repairs or renovations without considering the twin house.

A detached house stands alone and is not joined to any other house. Cottages, bungalows and mansions are detached houses. The advantage of a detached house is that the free space around it belongs to the family. The disadvantage is that all repairs in the house should be made by the owner.

Terraced houses are several houses joined together. Such houses are cheaper than semi-detached but there is typically no yard or garden that comes with a unit. As two walls are shared, there is less privacy too.

As for flats in blocks of flats, people in Britain prefer renting to buying them. Renting means that you are not the owner of your flat. You can’t make repairs or renovations to suit your needs. The advantage of renting a flat is that you are not responsible for it. You can leave it anytime if you feel like moving house.

Types of housesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Detached Privacy, free spaceRepairs are made by the owner
Semi-detached Enough privacyCannot plan repairs or renovations
Terraced CheaperNo yard or garden, less privacy
FlatsNot responsible for  Can’t make repairs to suit your needs

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