Form 10. Unit 3. Lessons 3-4

Lexical Drills

(к новому учебнику для 10 класса 2019 года издания авторы Н.В. Юхнель и др.)

Exercise 1

Fill in the missing vowels and write the words:






Exercise 2

Make the possible phrases ( one word is odd)

ABlank1the wildfire
BImprove2the sense of logic
ETackle5marks or grades
  6lifelong education

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words from the active vocabulary items:

  1. Her*** is pop music.
  2. I really*** your help.
  3. You should*** more time to your learning.
  4. She is a very*** person. I don’t like her.
  5. Our teachers usually*** us.

Exercise 4

  1. Me/ a/ bring/ blank/ disc.
  2. Like/ how/ are/ I’d/ we/ to say/ for/ grateful/ help/ your.
  3. Heard/ soft/ the/ I/ of/ voices/ compassionate/ and/ women.
  4. Is/ very/ to/ play/ important/ development/ a/ child’s.
  5. Is/ more/ problem/ there/ than/ to/ the/ one/ tackle/ way.

Put the words into the right order and write the sentences:

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