English 7 Unit 4

Материалы к разделу 4 для 7 класса общеобразовательной школы присланы нашей коллегой, учителем английского языка средней школы № 71 г. Минска Ольгой Новик.


I. Match the words with their translations.

1.Competea) Соревнование
2. Give upb) Соревноваться
3. Competitionc) Соперничающий
4. Competitived) Терять, проигрывать
5. Losee) Отказываться, прекращать

II. Match the words with their definition.

1. Swimminga) To move in water
2. Cyclingb) A traditional physical and mental disciplines
3. Karatec) To ride or travel by bicycle
4. Basketballd) A fighting system 
5. Yogae) Game played generally indoors by two opposing teams of five players each

III. Use the –ing forms of the verbs below to complete the sentences.

  1. __________ (to take) a cold shower in the morning is very useful.
  2. I like ______(to play) different games.
  3. Mary thinks _ (to jog) is hot for him.
  4. My parents like __ ( to ski) , but my sister prefers (to skate).
  5. Let’s go __ (to boat).

IV. Choose the correct alternative.

  1. When I have a problem, I never give out/up.
  2. She goes to jog / jogging every morning.
  3. I love skating / to skate in winter.
  4. Jane is fond of roller blading. I can roller blade/ roller blading, too.
  5. Athletics is very popular in the world. I am fond of/in it.

V.  Fill in the prepositions or participles.

FOR (2)       ON     OVER     IN    UP (2)     OFF    OF (3)      WITH    ABOUT

I took _1_____ ice-hockey when I was seven. I remember the day when I put__2___ my first uniform. I was very proud __3__ wearing it and my mum was very angry ___4_____the evening because I didn’t want to take it ____5___. I wasn’t afraid __6___the ice. When I fell __7___, I only thought ___8___ skating again. I never gave ____9__. My parents worried __10___ me but I had a great love ____11__ the game. Hitting the puck (ударять по шайбе) __12__ a stick was real excitement  ___13___ me.

VI. Make up sentences. Put the verbs in the correct form.

  1. Her sister/ like / do / gymnastics.
  2.  They/ be afraid of/ dive/ sea.
  3.  My friends/ be good at/ ski.
  4.  Tom/ prefer/ swim/ to/ play games.
  5.  I / go/ dance/ yesterday.
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