Form 10. Unit 5. Lessons 6-7

Lexical Test

Exercise 1

Fill in the missing consonants  (*) and  write  the words:






Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the items from the box:

Defense              grand                iconic           recognizable             fortifications

1. They began the *** and reconstruction of the city.

2. The bridge is a *** structure.

3. This building has an *** status.

4. A good boxer needs a good ***.

5. This singer’s voice is very ***.

Exercise 3

Match the words and write down the names of the most famous Belarusian buildings:

1Gomel Palace and ParkAChurch
2Saint SophiaBPalace
4Boris and GlebDTower

Exercise 4

Check your art knowledge. Read the definitions and write the words.

1. A picture made by putting paint on a canvas, board, etc.

2. A person who designs buildings and advises in their construction.

3. The part of a scene or representation that is nearest to the spectator.

4. An artist who makes sculptures.

5. A building where a large number of valuable objects are kept, studied and displayed.

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