English 9. Leisure

Разработкой заданий к уроку в 9 классе по теме «Leisure» делится наша коллега из Минска Аитбаева-Новик Ольга Славомировна.

 Do you know how the British in the UK spend their leisure time? Let’s watch the video and check your ideas.

I.  Watch the video. Tick (X) the activities you see.

HorseracingRally driving
Rock climbingCanoeing

II. Watch the video again and cross out one piece of incorrect information for each person as in the example. Be careful one person’s information is all correct.

1. Watch television
Listen to music
Play football
Go on the Internet   
2. Skateboard
Play rugby
3. Play rugby
Play tennis
Listen to music  
4. Play football
Play tennis
Play rugby    
5. Play rugby
Go swimming
Play tennis
Play football  
6. Play rugby
Play cricket
Go windsurfing Go sailing  
7. Play sport
Go into town
Listen to music
See my friends
8. Go to a drama group
Go to a dance group
Go to the cinema

III.  Match.
Top 10 leisure activities in Britain:

1. the most popular activity for British people outside their own home isa) going to the library
2. the second most popular activity is b) going to the pub
3. the third young people especially likec) going out for fast food
4. the fourth most popular activity isd) going to a restaurant

IV.  Write next to the sentence “true” if the sentence is right and “false” if it is wrong.

  1. A pub is a place where the most British people spend their time.
  2. Most pubs serve only drinks.
  3. The British don’t like fast food because it’s unhealthy.
  4. Watching TV is more popular than going to the library.
  5. Visiting historic buildings is one of the popular leisure activities.
  6. Favorite sports include football, boating, cycling.
  7. One of the most popular and famous museums is Ashmolean in Liverpool. 
  8. Young people in Britain fond of going to amusement parks.
  9. The British don’t spend their free time at home, they prefer hang out with friends.

V. Fill in the missing words.

  1. British people spend their free time in a lot of ______________________
  2. See my friends in my free time; I go to a ______________ and a dance group.
  3. Nowadays, and many pubs have __________ karaoke competitions and quiz nights.
  4. The number of fast — food restaurants in Britain ______ about 10 times __________ 1982 and after fast food.
  5. The _____________ most popular activity is going to the library.
  6. Short break ________________ both _____________________.
  7. Watching sport is a big free time activity, favorite sports include football _____________ — __________ and cricket, a traditional English sport.
  8. They have a ________________ here, including these beautiful sculptures, 200,000 people visit this museum.

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