Form 10. Unit 7

Form 10. Unit 7. Lexical Grammar Test

Task 1

Unscramble and write the words:







Task 2

Match the people to the areas below:

Yanka Kupala literature
John Lennon visual art
Charles Darwin science
Vladimir Mulyavin cinema
William Shakespeare science
Zhores Alferov music
Francysk Skaryna literature
Charlie Chaplin literature
Marc Chagall music

Task 3

Fill in the missing words:

1. Ignat Domeiko is a National *** of Chile.

2. Marie Curie got two *** Prizes : in Physics and in Chemistry.

3. Leon Bakst was Chagall’ s ***.

4. You should study hard not to *** your exams.

5. Any *** is given as a mark of honour or high respect.

Task 4

Make some new words using the roots given below:

1. fail

2. legend

3. fame

4. politic

5. explore

Task 5

Put the words into the right order and write the sentences:

1. you/ like/ do/ places/ new/ exploring?

2. 1000/ he/ unsuccessful/ made/ at/ inventing/ attemtps/ light bulb/ the.

3. was/ down/ his/ book/ first/ 30/ times/ turned.

4. success/ of/ going/ consists/ from/ failure/ loss/ of / failure/ enthusiasm/ without / to.

5. what/ are/ world/ awards/ famous?

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