English 10 Unit 8 Lesson 3

Упражнение на контроль лексики уроков 1-3 раздела 8 для 10 класса.

Материалы предоставлены нашей коллегой Еленой Янкович.

Fill in the missing words or phrases Choose from the list.

a reporter/ mass media / balanced /an interesting piece of news/at the newsagent’s /newsagent /newspaper /the latest news/deliver/ tabloid/ on the news/ broadcast /provide / unbiased /newsflash /broadsheet/ include/ sources/ sensational/ report
  1. She’s just told me***.
  2. Have you heard *** from the Olympic Games?
  3. It sounds unbelievable but I heard it *** last night.
  4. *** is one of the mass media; a regularly printed document.
  5. *** is a type of popular newspaper with small pages which has many pictures and short simple reports.
  6. *** reach large numbers of people and can influence what they do or think.
  7. Someone who owns or works in a shop that sells newspapers and magazines is a ***.
  8. A brief news report on radio or television is a ***
  9. *** is a quality newspaper that is printed on large paper.
  10. Mass media *** radio stations, television channels, newspapers and magazines.
  11. They all *** us with news.
  12. The newspapers *** news to the people.
  13. I buy The Guardian because it’s an *** newspaper.
  14. The best way to use newspapers is to read as much news as you can, from as many *** as possible.
  15. To have a *** view of the world you should read different newspapers.
  16. I love The Guardian. It’s got quality to the articles and it’s not ***.
  17. **** is a person whose job is to discover information about news events and describe them for a newspaper or magazine or for radio or television.
  18. She’s writing a *** about people’s attitude to newspapers.
  19. How often is the news *** in your country?
  20. What newspapers do you usually buy *** ?
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