Form 10. Unit 9. News from Belarus

Немного лирики для вашего урока.

Belarus — the land of rivers,
Thousands lakes are there too.
We call our land Radzima
And I love it, it is true!

My grandparents, their parents
Were born in Belarus.
And I will be very grateful
If you don’t mix it with White Rus.

Nesvizh Castle and Mir Castle
Are the landmarks you’ ll adore.
If you’ re fond of lords and vassals
Visit them to learn some more!

If you are against fascists,
If you are agaist wars
Visit our great Brest fortress
It’ ll tell you even more!

If you want to see its nature,
European bison, bears
Visit Belovezhskaya pushcha
And you’ ll feel its forest air!

Would you like to eat Machanka,
Draniki and Kolduny?
Would you like to drink Okroshka,
Eat pelmeny and bliny?

Would you like to eat potatoes,
Verashchaka, yummy Zhur?
So, my friends, then you are welcome,
Visit our Belarus!

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