The system of education in Belarus. Card 2

Card 2. Let’s talk about education. 🏫

1. Tell me about the system of education in Belarus.
There are 5 stages of education in Belarus: preparatory, primary, secondary, high and postgraduate. At the age of three children go to kindergarten. They stay there up to the age of 6.
At the age of 6 children start going to school. There are 2 types of school in Belarus: state and private. Parents can choose between secondary school, lyceums and gymnasiums.
The school year starts on the 1st of September and finishes on the 31st of May. It is 35 weeks long and is divided into four terms. After each term there are vacations. Pupils study a range of subjects at school: Maths, Russian, Geography, History, Foreign Languages, etc. All subjects in Belarusian schools are
compulsory. Marks are given out of 10.
After the 9th and the 11th forms pupils take their exams. After the 9th form at the age of 15 pupils can leave school and go to college or to vocational training school or they can continue studying in the 10th form. Then they leave school at the age of 17.
After secondary school those who show good abilities can go to high school which lasts for 4 or 5 years.
To become a student one should take special written exams which are called tests.
After high school most talented students can continue studying and it is called postgraduate education.

2. Do you like your school? Why or why not?
Yes, I do. I like my school because of the high level of education it provides. I also like the building, the classrooms and the teachers.

3. Ask me about the school I went to when I was young.
Where was your school situated?
Was it a village school?
What subjects did you study at school?
What was your favourite subject?

4. What advice can you give me on how to prepare for exams well?
Don’t leave your exam revision to the last minute. Organize your working place. Take breaks during your study. Have enough sleep. Eat healthy brain food.

5. If you were to write an article about school problems, what would you write about?
I would write about homework. A lot of pupils are stressed because of their homework. Pupils should get knowledge in the lessons and have a rest at home. I believe only creative home tasks should be done at home

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