Types of houses in Britain. Card 1

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Card 1. Let’s talk about accommodation.

1. What types of houses do the British people live in?
There are four basic types of housing in the UK: detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and flats.
A semi-detached house is the most popular type of housing in the UK. A semi-detached house is two houses joined together. A semi-detached house gives its owner enough privacy. The disadvantage is that the owner cannot plan repairs or renovations without considering the twin house.
A detached house stands alone and is not joined to any other house. Cottages, bungalows and mansions are detached houses. The advantage of a detached house is that the free space around it belongs to the family. The disadvantage is that all repairs in the house should be made by the owner.
Terraced houses are several houses joined together. Such houses are cheaper than semi-detached but there is typically no yard or garden that comes with a unit.
As for flats in blocks of flats, people in Britain prefer renting to buying them. The advantage of renting a flat is that you are not responsible for it. You can leave it anytime if you feel like moving house.

2. Do we have the same types of houses in Belarus?
No, we don’t. People in Belarus live mostly in flats, cottages and detached houses. Townhouses are a new type of dwelling in Belarus.

3. Your family is going to move into a new house/flat. What questions will you ask your parents about the new house/flat?
How many rooms are there in our new flat?
What floor is the flat on?
Is there a lift in the block of flats?
Are there any shops nearby?
Is there WIFI in the flat?

4. Give your parents a piece of advice on where to move: a multi-storied building or a detached house.
I think a detached house is the best. It will give us privacy. There will be some land around the house so we can have a garage, a swimming pool and arrange some flower beds.

5. What does your ideal house look like?
In future I’d like to live in a detached house. It will be a two-storied building with big windows and a large sitting room. It will have enough space for all the family. There will be a garden behind my house and a lot of flowers in front of it. There will be a garage for my car.

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