The house/flat you live in. Card 17

Card 17. Let’s talk about accommodation 🏡

1. Tell me about the house/flat you live in.
OK. I live in a flat. Our flat is on the fourth floor. There are three rooms in my flat: a living room and two bedrooms. There’s a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in our flat too.
The living-room is the largest room in the flat. It is nicely furnished. My mum likes to watch TV there, it’s her favourite room.
My parents’ bedroom is smaller than the living-room, but it is light and cozy. In this room there are two beds and a wardrobe.
The third room is my bedroom. It is not large and there isn’t much furniture in it: my bed, a writing table, some shelves and a computer.
Our kitchen is the place where we have meals and discuss our family matters.
In conclusion, our flat has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot running water, but it [the block of flats] hasn’t got a lift. I like my flat anyway.

2. Are you ready to share a room with other people?
I am lucky to have my own room. I know that some of my classmates share their rooms with their sisters or brothers. I wouldn’t mind sharing my room with my sibling but at the moment I need privacy and it’s great that my room is only my space.

3. Ask me questions about different types of houses in Britain.
What is the most popular type of houses in Britain?
Are detached houses expensive?
What are bungalows?
What type of houses do most British people live in?

4. Your friend wants to decorate his/her room and make it look more modem. Give him/her some advice on how to do it.
I think a modern room doesn’t need much decoration. I would recommend to make it simple but convenient. The best way is to look for photos of modern designs on the Internet and choose the one you like.

5. They say that the place where you live reflects your character and personality. What do you think about it?
I agree. We usually decorate our dwelling to our taste. We fill our rooms with the things we love: books, disks, collections. Of course, there’s a lot of unnecessary stuff, but all these reflect the owner’s character and personality.

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