Which of these do people in your family prefer: TV, newspapers or radio? Card 11

Card 11. Let’s talk about the mass media

1. Which of these do people in your family prefer: TV, newspapers or radio?

To start with, my family includes people of different generations: my parents, grandparents and us, children. Each generation prefers different mass media. We, younger generation, prefer the Internet. Granny and grandad are more conservative, they like printed newspapers and magazines. Mum and dad prefer watching TV.
In general, I think TV is the most popular mass media in my family. We watch different programmes and TV channels. Dad watches feature films and sports news, mum prefers sitcoms and talk shows. Granny enjoys TV games and concerts. TV helps us to relax after a hard day.
It’s interesting to notice how things are changing with my family. For example, mum likes watching TV, but sometimes she chooses a film on YouTube. Dad spends more time on the Internet than in front of TV.
As for me, I neither watch TV nor read newspapers, as I have no free time.

2. Are there any means of communication teenagers can’t live without?
I think teenagers can’t live without the Internet. They surf the Internet every day using their mobile phones. They watch videos, play games, chat with friends and look for information.

3. What questions will you ask your friend who has offered you to keep a blog together?
What will the blog be about?
Have you already chosen the name for the blog?
Are we going to make money with the blog?
What shall we start with?

4. Unfortunately, I have little time to surf the Net. Which sites will you advise me to visit first of all?
It all depends on what information you want to get.
If you want to get the news or discuss something on forums, go to tut.by.
If you want to listen to music, visit last.fm.
If you are interested in films, want to improve your English or need instructions on how to make things, go to YouTube.

5. Do you think newspapers will disappear in twenty years’ time? Why or why not?
It’s difficult to say, but it’s clear that traditional mass media are becoming less and less popular because of the Internet which is more effective. Maybe they will be replaced by their electronic versions.

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