Science and technology. Card 6

Card 6. Let’s talk about science and technology.

1. What is the role of science in our fast-moving world?

Our world is the world of technology. Technology is everywhere. We use technology in our everyday life. We can’t imagine how people could live without electricity, gas, television, the Internet many years ago.
Technology advances surprise us with every day. Devices become multifunctional. For example, smart TV is a TV and a computer at the same time. We use modern devices to communicate with people from all over the world. We use fast vehicles to travel. E-mails and e-books substituted snail mail and paper books.
All this became possible due to the development of science. Thus, science is a great power.

2. Do all scientific discoveries have a positive effect on our life?

It goes without saying, that scientific discoveries have a positive effect on our life. But there are a lot of examples when scientific discoveries became evil. Dynamite was invented to help miners in their hard work but became a weapon. Genetically modified food does a lot of harm to people’s health. So people should be careful about the discoveries.

3. What questions will you ask a famous scientist about his/her career?

• Is it difficult to be a scientist?
• How much time do you spend at work every day?
• Have you made any discoveries?
• Do you dream of getting a Nobel Prize one day?

4. Advise me what device to buy.

If I were you, I would buy the latest model of a mobile phone. A mobile phone is a multifunctional device. It can be used as a telephone, a watch, a calculator, a player, and what not. I think, it will be a very useful purchase.

5. Explain, why people are becoming more dependent on high-tech devices.

Technology devices make people’s life easier. For example, hard and monotonous work is done quicker with a computer. Or take a washing machine or a mobile phone. They are convenient. They save people’s time. Without technology people’s life would be much harder. No wonder, people become dependent on high-tech devices.

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