Famous Belarusian people. Card 17

Card 7. Let’s talk about art

1. Our country is world famous thanks to its artists, composers, etc. Tell me about some of them.

You are right. Belarus is a talented nation. Our country is famous thanks to its writers and poets, musicians and artists. One of the most famous painters is Mark Chagall. He is a brilliant representative of the 20th century avant-garde with his unique style.
Chagall was born in 1887 in Vitebsk, but he painted his best pictures in Paris. It was in Paris where his «I and the village» appeared. His first one-person exhibition was in 1914 in Berlin. It was a success and Chagall became famous.
There are several museums of Mark Chagall in France. His works are in the biggest art galleries of the world. The first exhibition of paintings by Marc Chagall in Belarus was held in 1997.

As for me, I enjoy Chagall’s pictures. They are a mixture of strong colours with fantasy and religion.

2. Is graffiti a form of art or an act of vandalism?

To the artists it is a form of street art. But if it is done without permission it is vandalism. It damages private or public property.

3. What questions will you ask a British teenager who has recently taken part in a graffiti exhibition?

When and where did the exhibition take place?
Did any famous artists take part in it?
Who is the most popular graffiti artist nowadays?
Why did you decide to take part in the exhibition?
Did you take any photos?

4. Give me a piece of advice on what architectural monuments are worth visiting in Belarus.

Belarus is called the land of castles. So I would recommend you to visit Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace first of all. When in Gomel, visit Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace. If you want to enjoy modern architecture, visit the National Library in Minsk.

5. Are you interested in video blogs? Why or why not?

Yes, I am interested in video blogs. I find it interesting to know other people’s opinion on different issues or just watch about other people’s lives.


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