Form 11. Unit 1. Lessons 2-3

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Fill in the missing words. Use the words from topical vocabulary.

1. After the death of his parents, he was raised in an ***.

2.The magazine conducted a *** to find out the favorite 100 movies of all time. 

3. *** is a good teacher.

4.That house was *** some years ago.

5.Can we trust these ***?

6.The war has left thousands of children as ***.

7.We discussed our *** budget.

8.Temperatures were above *** all week.

9.In the fog, they got *** from the group.

10.Their marriage ended in ***.

Exercise 2.

Put the words into the right order and write the sentences:

1. the/ I / like/ of/ being/ don’t/ idea/ parent/ single/ a.

2. Her /very/ unkind / husband/ to / is/ her.

3. My/ went/ I / with/ uncle /to stay/ and / for / aunt/ a /days / few.

4.need/ Do/ moral / children/ guidance.

5.She/ happy/ a / had /very/ childhood.

6. to mother ( родить) / at / hope / least / child/ I/ one. comes/ first/ family.

8.He / genealogically/ his/ family/ tree/ charted.

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