English 11. Unit 1. Final lesson

These are questions on the topic «Family» that can be additionally asked in the project lesson.

  1. Is divorce a common issue these days?
  2. How do kids learn in a family?
  3. Are families necessary?
  4. What support does a family provide to its members?
  5. Does your family have traditions?
  6. What does your immediate family mean to you?
  7. What is a modern British family like?
  8. Does a family need a lot of money to be happy?
  9. What are some popular family traditions?
  10. Why is the grandmother’s house a special place for many of us?
  11. Does the grandmother’s house have a special place in your heart?
  12. What board games do you play with your family or friends?
  13. Is there a generation gap between you and your parents?
  14. Does a generation gap mean that you don’t respect or ignore your parents and grandparents?
  15. Does treating parents and grandparents with respect make them happier?
  16. How much quality time should family members spend together?
  17. How often do you go out together?
  18. Do you get on with your siblings/extended family?
  19. Do you help your parents with household chores?
  20. What is a family tradition?
  21. Do you agree that deep-rooted family traditions make family ties stronger?
  22. What do you think makes a happy family?
  23. Is your family perfect?
  24. Do you agree that a happy family is a family who spend time together, love and understand each other and get on well together?
  25. Do you agree that having a pet makes a family happier?
  26. Should family member have common interests? Why? Why not?
  27. If you had to choose between money and love in the family, what would you choose?
  28. What do you do if you have problems of any kind?
  29. Is it good for children to listen to their parents argue?
  30. You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your parents, brothers or sisters. Does it mean that you have to learn to appreciate all members of your family whoever they are?

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