Form 5. Unit 7. On the farm

Очень мне понравилась эта тема. Довольно интересная лексика сама попросилась зарифмоваться!) Предлагаю и вашему вниманию стихотворение. Вдруг, да и пригодится!

One day I visited the farm
And did a lot of things.
I watered flowers with my mum,
And seeded carrots, beans.

I weeded flower beds as well,
Fed animals, milked cows.
I cleaned a pigsty, a cowshed.
And granny could say’ Wow!’

I made some flower beds with dad
Collected eggs with mum.
I washed a horse and brushed a cat,
Grew apple trees and plums!

I planted cabbages with dad,
And cucumbers as well.
I drove a tractor with grandad
And felt how village smelt!

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