Exam 2022. Cards 10-12 Speaking. Revision

Билет 10

Let’s talk about youth and society

1. What can you tell me about youth organizations in the UK?

2. Are you a member of any youth organization?

3. What questions would you ask your British friend about youth organizations in the UK?

4. What youth organisation would you recommend me to join if I were a British teenager? Why?

5. Do you agree that charity can help people to make the world a better place?

Билет 11

Let’s talk about the mass media

1. What is implied under the term «mass media»?

2. Do you agree that thanks to mass media the whole world has become a «global village»? Prove your point of view.        

3. Ask me about the mass media I prefer and their role in my life.

4. Convince me that a mobile is a necessity for every teenager.     

5. Explain why many people say that newspapers, radio and TV will lose their popularity and importance soon.

Билет 12

Let’s talk about the mass media

1.What is the role of mass media in the life of contemporary society?

2. Do you agree that all means of communication are very effective? Prove your point of view.

3. What can you ask a British teenager about the mass media in his/her country?

4. My cousin spends a lot of time chatting online; it makes all the family angry. What can you advise in such a situation?

5. Can the Internet replace other mass media? What is your opinion?

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