Card 13. International cooperation

Билет 13

I. Let’s talk about international cooperation.

Tell me how Belarus develops cultural relations with other countries.

Cultural ties between different countries are very important. They are one of the most effective tools that create conditions for peaceful dialogue between countries. The main directions of Belarusian cultural cooperation are 1) enriching the cultural life of Belarus with the world cultural heritage, 2) acquainting the international community with Belarusian national culture and 3) integrating Belarusian culture into the world culture and global international space.

Belarus is a member of UNESCO. This organisation helps Belarus to integrate into the world culture. A lot has been done to preserve Belarus’ historical and cultural heritage.

The main forms and formats of international cultural ties in Belarus are

1) city twinning

2) private and public initiatives

3) joint cultural events

4) participating in cultural programmes and projects

5) organizing informational cultural centres

6) Days of Belarusian culture

7) international cultural exchange

The main organizers of international cultural events are the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nowadays Belarus has cultural relations with more than 170 countries.   The growth of cultural cooperation with other countries and international organizations has strengthened the position of Belarus.

2. Do you know any international events that take place in Belarus?

  Yes, I do.  They are the annual International Theatre Festival Belaya Vezha in Brest, the Minsk International Book Fair, the Minsk International Film Festival Listapad and, of course, the annual International Festival of Arts Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk. The mission of these events is to establish creative contacts and foster friendship and understanding between different countries.

3. You are going to travel to Britain as an exchange student. Ask questions about the exchange programme.    

  • How long does the programme take?
  • What are the costs?
  • Do I have to speak a second language to study abroad?
  • Where will I live during my exchange programme?

4. Give advice to your friend who is hosting a foreign student.

  If I were you, I would be polite and spend time with the student. I would show the student around my hometown. Why not begin communicating with him/her before he/she arrives?

5. Social networking is a convenient way to keep in touch with foreign friends and a good possibility to develop cooperation. What do you think about it?

  It goes without saying, that social networking helps people to keep in touch with their friends from all over the world. People exchange information, participate in social groups, share their interests. It’s a good way to develop cooperation.

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