E7 U1 L8 «True beauty»

Текст в уроке 8 раздела 1 учебного пособия для 7 класса очень сложный. Помимо незнакомой лексики в нём присутствует масса не изучаемых грамматических конструкций. Между тем, текст предполагается читать с полным пониманием содержания, так как в конце нужно не только найти указанную информацию, но и ответить на вопросы и сделать небольшое высказывание о том. что автор считает настоящей красотой.

English 7 Unit 1 Lesson 8

0. Read and translate parts of the given sentences:

to admit — признатьI must admit I used to be one of them.
to wish — желатьI used to wish I were skinnier,
full – fuller полный- полнееhad fuller lips,
vivid shade – яркий оттенокor eyes that were a vivid shade of blue.
airbrushed skin – отретушированная кожаbeautiful women with airbrushed skin
discover — открытьI discovered what true beauty really is
get booted – быть отправленнымI’m always the one to get booted to a nearby table to sit by myself.
аnnoyed — недовольныйI’m a little annoyed,
work out — сработатьbut this time, it worked out perfectly.
without her knowing – без её ведомаI could look at her without her knowing.
half-dozen – полдюжины (6)The half-dozen children (all about the same age)
take eyes off somebody – оторвать взгляд отI just couldn’t take my eyes off them.
come into being — возникатьit was like all the good things in the world came into being.
to matter – иметь значениеas if nothing else in the world mattered more than
hearing about the game they had just played.
to smear — намазатьThe two-year old smeared ice cream all over her face
to yell – кричать, оратьShe didn’t yell
make a difference – играть важную рольShe makes a difference in her children’s lives.
instead of — вместоInstead of making them feel bad about themselves, she makes them feel great about everything.
through — черезThat is true beauty: to make a positive
difference in another person’s life through warmth,
love and…
care n — заботаcare.
  1. Match the words with their translation
wishотретушированная кожа
vivid shadeяркий оттенок
airbrushed skinпризнать
make differenceиметь значение

2. Make phrases and translate them

geteyes of somebody
halfher knowing
takeinto being

3. Fill in the missing words and translate the sentences.

That is true ______: to make positive difference in another person’s life through warmth, love and _______.

Instead of making them feel ____ about themselves, she makes them feel ____ about everything.

She makes a ________ in her children’s life.

4. Complete the sentences.

She didn’t (кричала).

The two-year old smeared ice-cream (по всему лицу).

It was like all the good things in the world (возникли).

5. Answer the questions of ex. 3b p. 25

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