E7 U2 L1. Shopping

Тема: Shopping

Цель: Развитие навыков восприятия речи на слух.

Aim (языком ученика): I can understand the text about Rosie’s shopping experience and speak about shops and shopping using the Present Perfect Tense.

Vocabulary: bakery, chemist’s, department store, for ages, newsagent’s, window-shopping

Lesson plan

I. Организационно-мотивационный этап.

a) Match the compliments with the replies.

I really like your style.I’m glad you like it.
I am inspired by you.Really?
What a nice shirt!Thank you.
That colour is perfect on you.Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.
You are a great listener.Thanks a lot.

b) Checking homework. Give compliments to 4 of your groupmates.

II. Операционно-познавательный этап.

а) Лексическая зарядка. Read the words.

Shopping, go shopping, do the shopping, enjoy shopping, window-shopping

b) Can you tell the difference between go shopping and do the shopping? Watch a video and check.

c) Answer the questions of ex.1 p.28

  1. Do you enjoy shopping? 2. How often do you go window-shopping? 3. Can shopping be a hobby? Is it a good way to spend free time?

d) Pair work. Look at the picture and make a list of shop. What do these shops sell?

E7 U2 L1 Shops автор: TatGlu

2. a) Listen to the text and make notes of the shops that Rosie has visited. Look into your list of shops while listening and tick their names. (1st listening)

I’ve been to many shops. I love window-shopping, but very often I buy things myself. I’ve been to the supermarket many times. We usually buy something to eat there. I’ve been to our sweet shop once. I bought two kilos of sweets there. It was fantastic! I haven’t been there since Christmas. We’ve got a large department store not far from here, and I’ve been there too. I haven’t bought any clothes for half a year, which is terrible. Not far from our house there’s a bakery. They sell delicious bread. I also used to buy newspapers, but now my dad buys them on his way to work. So I, probably, haven’t bought anything at the newsagent’s for ages. I haven’t been to the pet shop since September, when we bought my Princess. I think pet-shop is my favourite.

a) What shops did Rosie mention? What did she buy there? Keys:

ShopThings to buy
Sweet shopsweets
Department storeclothes
Pet shoppets

Весь план урока можно посмотреть и скачать ниже (написан в свободной форме).

Дополнительно к разделу 2 делюсь карточками на новую лексику.

E7 U2 автор: TatGlu

Карточки на Quizlet к Unit 2. Новые слова отмечайте звёздочками перед заучиванием.

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