Destination B1. Unit 6 WF additional

Dest B1 Unit 6 WF

Обратите внимание, кроме новых слов Unit 6 в упражнении повторяется словообразование из Unit 3.

begin brave  correct divide educate instruct memory refer silent simplе

begin  начинать; приступать (к чему л.) brave  храбрый, смелый correct  правильный, верный, точный; корректный divide  делить, разделять educate  обучать, давать образование 
beginner  новичок; начинающий beginning началоbravery  храбрость, смелость, мужество  bravely смелоcorrectly  правильно correction  исправление; правка  incorrect  неправильный, неверный  correctness правильность, точность, корректностьdivision  деление, разделение

education  образование
instruct инструктировать,  давать инструкции;  поручать, давать указания; отдавать распоряжения, приказывать memory память, способность запоминать refer посылать, отсылать (к кому-л., чему-л.); направлять  (за справкой, помощью и т. п.);  адресовать (за указаниями) silent молчаливый; бессловесный; безмолвный тихий, спокойный simplе простой, нетрудный, несложный 
instruction   обыкн. pl инструкции, указания, директивы; приказания, распоряжения  instructor  учитель, преподаватель инструктор, руководитель (кружка)

memorise   запоминать; заучивать наизусть    reference 
1. (to) ссылка (на кого-л., что-л.);  
2. упоминание (о чём-л., ком-л.)

silence  тишина silently  тихо

simplify  упрощать; делать более простым или понятным  simplicity  простота, нетрудность, несложность

Use reference material and do the exercise.

begin brave  correct divide educate instruct memory refer silent simplе

  1. The course is suitable for *** and advanced students… [BEGIN]
  2. This was also the *** of her recording career… [BEGIN]
  3. He deserves the highest praise for his ***. [BRAVE]
  4. She faced the consequences ***. [BRAVE]
  5. Have I pronounced your name ***? [CORRECT]
  6. He takes a more *** role in the team nowadays. [ACT]
  7. She was disappointed to see her essay returned with a mass of *** in red ink. [CORRECT]
  8. Something that is *** is wrong and untrue. [CORRECT]
  9. He speaks with such *** (= care) that it sometimes sounds very formal. [CORRECT]
  10. A hedge forms the *** between their land and ours. [DIVIDE]
  11. They’re cutting funds for ***… [EDUCATE]
  12. Two lawyers were told not to leave the building but no reason for this *** was given. [INSTRUCT]
  13. Charlotte was not spending time with the tennis *** just to improve her backhand. [INSTRUCT]
  14. Have you *** your lines for the play yet? [MEMORY]
  15. Some animals are *** during the daytime. [ACT]
  16. She looks very ***. [ATHLETE]
  17. Every village had its war ***. [MEMORY]
  18. I like films with a lot of ***. [ACT]
  19. He gave her a *** punch on the arm. [PLAY]
  20. Bud has invited us to go *** this weekend. [SAIL]
  21. Please keep this sheet in a safe place for ***. [REFER]
  22. They stood in ***… [SILENT]
  23. They marched *** through the streets. [SILENT]
  24. Can you *** your method any bit? [SIMPLE]
  25. The advantage of the plan is its ***. [SIMPLE]
  26. No *** were born in the village for five years. [CHILD]
  27. Steven had happy *** of his childhood on the farm. [MEMORY]
  28. I wish politicians would stop this *** name-calling. [CHILD]
  29. The painting comes from his private ***. [COLLECT]
  30. The tax *** has very few friends in town. [COLLECT]
  31. The town provides a wide choice of ***. [ENTERTAIN]
  32. Rescuers made *** efforts to save the crew. [HERO]
  33. Cuba declares Alicia Alonso a national ***. [HERO]
  34. Each *** takes three cards. [PLAY]
  35. Six British *** drowned. [SAIL]
  36. Kiri Te Kanawa is a famous *** from New Zealand. [SING]
  37. He entered the Royal College of Music to study ***. [SING]
  38. She has starred with many leading ***. [ACT]


1 beginners 2 bravery 3 bravely 4 correctly 5 active 6 corrections 7 incorrect 8 correctness 9 division 10 education 11 instruction 12 instructor 13 memorised/memorized 16 inactive 17 athletic 18 memorial 19 action 20 playful 21 sailing 22 reference 23 silence 24 silently 25 simplify 26 simplicity 27 children 28 memories 29 childish 30 collection 31 collector 32 entertainments 33 heroic 34 heroine 35 player 36 sailors 37 singer 38 singing 39 actors/actresses

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