Destination B1. Unit 3 Vocabulary practice

Dest B1 Unit 3

Exercise 1. Make the sentences complete by choosing the correct word from Unit 3.

1. The *** is the official who controls a sports event such as a football game or a boxing match.
2. A *** is an event in which many people take part in order to find out who is best at a particular activity.
3. A *** is a group of people who play a particular sport or game together against other similar groups of people.
4. *** is the experience of being beaten in a battle, game, or contest, or of failing to achieve what you wanted to.
5. *** *** is traditional music that has been played by ordinary people in a particular area for a long time.
6. A *** is an organization of people interested in a particular activity or subject who usually meet on a regular basis and also a team which competes in sporting competitions.
7. A *** is a set of people who have the same interests or aims, and who organize themselves to work or act together.
8. An *** is the person who is playing against you, someone who you try to defeat in a competition, game, fight, or argument.
9. A *** is a performance of music given by musicians or singers.
10. A *** is a club, building, or large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit.
11. A *** is an activity, experience or aspect of something that you find very enjoyable or satisfying.
12. *** *** is music that is considered to be serious and of lasting value.
13. A *** is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular sport.
14. A *** is a regular series of sounds or movements.
15. Someone’s *** in a game or test is a number, for example, a number of points or runs, which shows what they have achieved or what level they have reached.
16. A *** is someone who has won the first prize in a competition, contest, or fight.

Keys: referee 2 competition 3 team 4  Defeat 5 Folk music 6 club 7 group 8 opponent 9 concert 10 gym 11 pleasure 12 Classical music 13 coach 14 rhythm 15 score 16 champion

2. Fill in the gaps using your active vocabulary from Unit 3.  

  1. I always *** my brother at tennis.
  2. Our family hooked on the *** Monopoly.
  3. Watching TV is our only ***.
  4. She *** her own life to help a disabled woman.
  5. We *** (вызвали на соревнование) a team who called themselves ‘College Athletes’.
  6. She’s a top international athlete and an Olympic ***.
  7. Students may be tempted to *** in order to get into top schools.
  8. A lot of jazz and *** was part of my music too, thanks to my uncle.
  9. Jody became the women’s basketball ***.
  10. Arsenal are now out of the competition, following their shock  *** by Torquay Town.
  11. She is among the most promising players in her age *** .
  12. Julie’s captain of the quiz ***.
  13. There’s a football  *** for the young people in the area.
  14. This is a surprisingly  *** film.
  15. If you hear the mandolin today, it’s usually in bluegrass or Neapolitan ***.
  16. It was raining, so we had to play football in the  *** this afternoon.
  17. I have no  *** in continuing this conversation.
  18. I’ve been to plenty of live rock ***.
  19. Britain is a full  *** of NATO.
  20. The problem with  *** is that they’re addictive.
  21. He will be banned from international *** for four years.
  22. Graf’s  *** in today’s final will be Suhova.
  23. In the end, we all decided to  *** a concert for Easter.
  24. The  *** blew his whistle to stop the game.
  25. She started moving to the  *** of the music.
  26. Did you  *** at the party?
  27. Strachan is  *** for the new season.
  28. Skiers always face the  *** of serious injury.
  29. Against which country did Ian Wright  *** his first international goal?
  30. The U.S. Open golf tournament was won by Ben Hogan, with a  *** of 287.
  31. Tim, 17, supports Manchester United. Which team do you *** ?
  32. Our success lies in working together as a ***. 

Keys: 1 beat 2 board game 3 pleasure 4 risked 5 challenged 6 champion 7 cheat 8 classical music 9 coach 10 defeat 11 group 12 team 13 club 14  entertaining 15 folk music 16 gym 17 interest 18 concerts 19  member 20 video games  21 competition 22 opponent 23 organise 24 referee 25 rhythm 26  have fun  27 training 28 risk 29  score 30 score 31 support 32 team

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