Destination B1 Phrasal verbs Units 3-6 revision

Revision 1,  part 1,  Units 3-6
Fill in the gaps using the correct verbs.

  1. He ***  out `fellow subjects’, and instead inserted `fellow citizens’.
  2. I hope that everyone will be able to *** in the fun…
  3. He’s obliged to take his turn at *** out the announcements…
  4. He left a job in the City to *** up farming…
  5. She took every photograph of me that was in our house and *** it up.
  6. Rachael Carr intends to *** on teaching…
  7. She began *** out the pencilled marks in the margin.
  8. The 30-year-old Scottish international was *** off for arguing with a linesman.
  9. They kept standing up to take pictures and *** things out to each other…
  10. She could not bear the relentless (непрекращающийся)  music and *** down the volume.

Keys: 1 crossed 2 join  3 reading 4 take  5 ripped 6 carry 7 rubbing 8 sent 9 point 10 turn

Revision 1,  part 2,  Units 3-6
Fill in the gaps using the correct phrasal verbs to make up the right definitions of theirs.

  1. If you *** *** a fact or mistake, you tell someone about it or draw their attention to it.
  2. If you *** *** doing something, you continue to do it.
  3. When you *** something ***, you record it on a piece of paper using a pen or pencil.
  4. If you *** something ***, you tear it into small pieces.
  5. If you *** *** a fact or a piece of information, you find it out by looking in something such as a reference book or a list.
  6. If you *** *** something, you stop doing it or having it.
  7. When you *** *** a radio, heater, or other piece of equipment, you increase the amount of sound, heat, or power being produced, by adjusting the controls.
  8. If you *** *** a piece of writing, you say it aloud.
  9. If you *** *** an activity, you take part in it or become involved in it.
  10. If you *** something ***, or if it ***s ***, it is moved so that the top part is now facing downwards.
  11.  If you *** *** words on a page, you draw a line through them, because they are wrong or because you want to change them.
  12. If a soccer player is *** ***, the referee makes them leave the field during a game, as a punishment for seriously breaking the rules.
  13. If you *** *** an activity or a subject, you become interested in it and spend time doing it, either as a hobby or as a career.
  14. When you *** *** a radio, heater, or other piece of equipment, you reduce the amount of sound or heat being produced, by adjusting the controls.
  15. If you *** *** something that you have written on paper or a board, you remove it using a rubber or eraser.

Keys: 1 point out 2 keep on 3 write down 4 rip up 5 look up 6 give up  7  turn up 8 read out 9 join in 10 turn over 11 cross out 12 sent off 13  take up  14 turn down 15 rub out

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