Destination B1 Unit 3 Phrasal verbs

Unit 3 Phrasal verbs additional exercises

Before doing the exercise learn the verbs in the box.

carry oncontinue
eat outeat at a restaurant
give upstop doing sth you do regularly
join inparticipate, take part
send offmake a player leave a game (eg, football)
take upstart (a hobby, sport, etc)
turn downlower the volume of
turn upincrease the volume of

Fill in the gaps using the correct verbs.

  1. When I lived in Spain, I used to *** out all the time.
  2. After ten minutes trying to get the answer I *** up.
  3. Could you *** the TV up.
  4. We only need one more player for this game – can you persuade your sister to *** in?
  5. He was *** off for swearing at the referee.
  6. You just have to *** on as if nothing’s happened.
  7. He’s *** up the post of supervisor.
  8. I asked him to *** down the heating.


  1. eat 2. gave 3.turn 4. join 5. sent 6. carry 7. given 8. turn

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