Destination B1 Unit 6 Phrasal verbs

Unit 6 Phrasal verbs

Before doing the exercise learn the phrasal berbs in the box.

cross outdraw a line through sth written
look uptry to find information in a book, etc
point out    tell sb important information
read outsay sth out loud which you are reading
rip up  tear into pieces
rub outremove with a rubber
turn overturn sth so the other side is towards you
write downwrite information on a piece of paper

Fill in the gaps using the correct verbs.

  1. If you think it’s wrong, *** it out and write it again.
  2. I’ll just *** up the train times.
  3. She *** out a few problems with the house that I hadn’t noticed.
  4. He *** out the names of all the winners.
  5. She *** up his letters and burned the pieces.
  6. It’s in pencil, so you can *** it out if you need to.
  7. This programme’s boring – shall I *** over to BBC?
  8. Did you *** down Jo’s phone number?


1 cross 2 look 3 pointed 4 read 5 ripped 6 rub 7 turn 8 write

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