Автор: Елена Котова

Form 9. Unit 1. Lesson 6.

Reading Drills To treat-treated-treated; treat with respect, treat with kindness, treat with politeness. My parents still treat me like a child. She doesn’t treat her boyfriend very well. In a close-knit family people treat with respect to each other. To offend-offended-offended; I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. They never offend each other. Her rude

Form 9. Unit 1. Lessons 2-3

Lexical Test Exercise 1 Match the words and write down the phrases: 1. spiky A. beard 2. strict B. hair 3. hazel C. smile 4. white D. parents 5. a charming E. eyes Exercise 2 Fill in the missing words. Use the words given below: bald               beans              breadwinner             eyelashes                  eyebrows 1. She’s very rich


Holidays!That’s lovely time, Often spent with joy and pleasure,Loved by people of all ages,It’ s a fun and it’s unmeasured!Days are bright and full of rest,And they are so nice, exciting!Yellow sun and yellow sand,Sky’s so blue and so delightful!

Form 10. Unit 9. Lessons 3-4

Lexical Drills Exercise 1 Translate from the Russian into the English language: 1) благодарные ученики 2) устанавливать ограничения 3) назойливая женщина 4) защитное покрытие ( layer) 5) строгая учительница английского языка Exercise 2 Fill in the prepositions if they are necessary: 1) She indulges ___ ice-cream. 2) I don’t approve ___ your friends. 3) He

Form 3. Moving Activity

Думаю, что многим известна английская детская песенка «Head, shoulders, knees and toes». Я предлагаю на мотив этой песенки использовать немножко другую, чтобы закрепить лексику по теме » School». На ваш суд , дорогие читатели и коллеги!) Pen and Pencil Pen, pencil, pencil-case, Pencil-case! Pen, pencil, pencil- case, Pencil- case! Pen and pencil, Pen and pencil-case,