Рубрика: Destination B1

Dest B1 Unit 18 WF

Unit 18 boil chemist conclude examine fascinate history identical long measure science 1. There was a gas *** mounted on the far wall. [BOIL] 2. ‘Sarah has demonstrated considerable *** in both maths and chemistry.’ [ABLE] 3. The charity provides opportunities and facilities for *** people to take part in sport. [ABLE] 4. Lucy was

Dest B1 Unit 15 WF

Unit 15 Add afford compare decide expense judge serve true use value She’s young and dynamic and will be a great *** to the team. [ADD] The company makes wearable, beautifully cut clothes at *** prices. [AFFORD] Jane is still quite young, and Fiona seems old by ***. [COMPARE] The villagers are furious about the *** to

Dest B1 Unit 12 WF

Unit 12 able admire care confident forgive honest introduce lie person relate These machines are destroying our *** to think. [ABLE] *** people should have the same rights and choices as everyone else. [ABLE] He was considered *** to cope with the pressure of the job. [ABLE] He’s a man for whom I have the greatest

Dest B1 Unit 9 WF

Unit 9 attract back choose comfort depart direct drive fly travel visit His love for her was not just physical ***. [ATTRACT] She’s a very *** woman… [ATTRACT] It’s an *** illustrated, detailed guide that’s very practical. [ATTRACT] High mortgage rates have decreased the *** of house-owning. [ATTRACT] When the car hit him he was thrown *** two

Dest B1 Unit 6 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 6 begin brave  correct divide educate instruct memory refer silent simplе The course is suitable for *** and advanced students… [BEGIN] This was also the *** of her recording career… [BEGIN] He deserves the highest praise for his ***. [BRAVE] She faced the consequences ***.

Dest B1 Unit 3 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 3 act  athlete  child   collect   entertain  hero   music   play  sail  sing They recorded the *** of the drug on the nervous system. [ACT] Who’s your favourite ***?» «Robert de Niro.» [ACT] Both of his parents were very politically ***. [ACT] It’s bad for your health

Dest B1 (reference material)

Destination B1 Reference material — что это? Это справочный материал к составленным авторами упражнениям на словообразование к учебнику Destination B1. Попытка достигнуть необходимой повторяемости при  тренировке ЛЕ в упражнениях. Для начала список всех ЛЕ учебника. Уровень для начинающих работать со словообразованием. ♦able – способный ability способность inability неспособность, неумение; невозможность; несостоятельность disability неспособность, инвалидность unable