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Тест на словообразование (суровый)

Дорогие друзья и любители языка! Давайте вместе выполним тест по словообразованию. =) 1) Doctors are complaining that the system is _______ and bureaucratic. (CUMBER) 2) Their affection for her soon increased almost to _______(IDOL) 3) Let me ________ you of your foolish notions about married life. (ABUSE) 4) He had never met a more _________

Synonyms insure/ensure/assure (practice)

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the synonyms. Check yourself with the keys. The airline has *** travellers there will be no further delays. The doctors are doing everything they can to *** the child will be born healthy. Think carefully before you *** against accident, sickness and redundancy… Her doctor has *** us that she’ll be fine.


Study the definitions and do the exercise. Wood — countable or uncountable a hard substance which forms the branches and trunks of trees and which can be used as a building material, for making things, or as a fuel (древесина; дерево ( материал ); лесоматериал) A forest is a large area where trees grow close together. A rainforest is a thick forest

Personal matters (more practice material)

Intermediate Language Practice (Personal matters) Choose one of the adjectives to fill in the gaps. Some words are to be used more than once. Choose from the list angry  nervous  ashamed  embarrassed  gentle  polite  lazy  tired  sensitive sensible cheerful  sympathetic   bad-tempered  damaged  upset jealous annoyed  bored Kelli was so nervous about her exam that

Personal matters (definitions)

Intermediate Language Practice (Personal matters) Complete the definitions of the topic vocabulary. The answers are in white, highlight the spaces to check. *** When you are angry, you feel strong dislike or impatience about something. If someone is nervous, they are frightened or worried about something that is happening or might happen, and show this in their behaviour.

Personal matters (a list of words)

Intermеdiate Language Practice (Personal matters) Study the list of words on the topic: angry сердитый, раздражённый; разгневанный nervous  нервный; ashamed  пристыженный; embarrassed смущённый; растерянный gentle  мягкий, добрый; тихий, спокойный; кроткий (о характере); polite  вежливый, любезный, учтивый, обходительный; благовоспитанный; lazy  ленивый tired  усталый, утомлённый; пресыщенный; sensible  (благо)разумный, здравомыслящий sensitive  чувствительный; восприимчивый; bored скучающий; cheerful  бодрый, весёлый