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Card 14

How do foreigners picture a typical Englishman? Different nations have different characters. We expect every nation to have some typical qualities. English people like reading a lot, especially newspapers-talking about the weather, going to a pub, discussing news and drinking beer there. They also like to spend time in a club. English people are considered

Card 20. Let’s talk about Belarus

Card № 20 Let’s talk about Belarus. 1. What attracts tourists to Belarus? Today Belarus is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. Different exciting routes have been offered both to foreign and local travelers. I believe tourists come to Belarus with different aims. Belarus is an ancient country with a long and

Card 19. What do you want to do in the future?

Эти ответы к билету 19 от Екатерины просто шедевр. Это большая помощь всем учащимся, так как содержатся примеры высказываний по очень многим профессиям. Card 19 Let’s talk your future career 1. What do you want to do in the future? Сhoosing  a kind of career is a hard task that all school leavers have to

Card 12. What are your favourite Internet sites?

Card 12 Let’s talk about mass media. 1.What are your favourite Internet sites? What kind of information do you find there? Truly speaking I’ve got several sites I visit most often. I often address to “VK”  where I can chat with my friends, listen to my favourite music, watch videos, learn the news, find information

Card 11. What role does the Internet play in your life?

Card 11. Let’s talk about mass media. 1.What role does the Internet play in your life? I would say the Internet is an essential part of my life. For me it’s a means of communication, education and entertainment. No one can live without communication with other people. But today people don’t need a personal contact to

My School

I live in Uritskoye, a big village not far from Gomel, and go to a village school. The school was built in 1989. It’s a modern three-storied building which can hold more than 1000 pupils. Ground floor The first thing you see when entering the school building is a beautiful long corridor with cloak rooms

The Mass Media, Card 11

✔№ 11 The mass media (по ситуации АПО) 1) Let’s talk about the mass media. What is implied under the term «mass media»? When we speak about the mass media we usually mean newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet which use different technologies to communicate with large numbers of people.  Every day a huge