Рубрика: Ситуации

Билет 24. Belarus

Билет 24 1. Let’s talk about the Republic of Belarus. What can you tell me about our Motherland? 2. What famous Belarusian people do you know? 3. What questions about Belarus do you expect to hear from a British teenager? 4. What Belarusian sights would you advise a foreigner to visit? 5. You are to

Travelling and Tourism (к билету 21)

List of words and expressions on the topic Travelling and Tourism (к билету 21) to admit признавать prosperous успешный, процветающий though хотя experience v  испытать, узнать по опыту the right way то, что нужно for educational purposes в целях образования depend on зависеть от timetable/shedule расписание whenever когда бы ни to carry with зд. иметь

Card 20. Fashion

Билет 20 1. Let’s talk about fashion. What style in clothes do you prefer and why? 2. Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Why (not)? 3. What questions would you ask a fashion designer? 4. What can you advise a person who wants to change something about his/her style but doesn’t know how to