Районная олимпиада 2009/2010 (Гродно)10 класс

Задания второго этапа Республиканской олимпиады по английскому языку 2009/2010 10 класс Восприятие речи на слух A Velveteen Rabbit Shabby — потрепанный A lawn -лужайка «Fancy all this fuss for a toy!» — » Стоит ли так переживать….! Scarlet fever — скарлатина ( инфекционное заболевание) A tear — слеза There was once a Velveteen Rabbit, and

Small talks

I’d like to pay your attention to the following: everything that has been published recently is nothing else but carefully kept drafts. Separate thoughts. It’s hard to say whether it is time for them to appear in public or not — I don’t know… For me it’s a way of improving my English by reading

Вот так вот

Уважаемые читатели! Дня два тому назад была удалена часть материалов блога. Под злую руку. А потом было решено вернуть всё на место. Конечно, есть у меня файл экспорта. Но плагин импорта работает настолько ужасно, что один процент из 100, что файл будет импортирован со всеми вложениями. Я пробовала. Не получается. Тем более, что с ForteE

Conditionals с unless

Dest B2 p. 57 Ex. D Circle the correct word or phrase: 8. I’m not going to worry unless/as long as she hasn’t called by midnight. Подошёл коллега, показал предложение. Выбрала as long as, чисто формально, по признаку unless + утвердительная форма. Не задумываясь о смысле as long as в данном предложении. А в ответе

Me a reader

In fact I don’t read much. And I can’t say that I’ve got a lot of books at home. When asked about my favourite book I feel a little bit confused. Do I have a favourite author? Let me think… Yes, I’ve got a favourite book. It’s Bulgakov’s «The Master and Margarita». Why this one?

Parents, children and love

An ideal family… Watching films on TV I can’t but notice that everything is so dreamlike: caring and understanding parents, smart and lovely children. It’s like a fairy-tale. Understanding and love. Love and respect. And among love, respect and understanding the problems seem so insignificant. And in real life? Children yearn for parent’s love, they demand to be

For love

Things that can be done for real love – what are they? Can you leave the subject of your love for his/her sake staying lonely yourself? Will you be happy without him? He means so much to you. You love everything in him, even his drawbacks. It is enough for you to know that he


Am I really an absent-minded person? Read this and see. Last Saturday I was so frustrated that I forgot about having an appointment with the doctor. Luckily for me, when I entered the doctor’s office two hours later (it was already closed but the doctor was still there) I was bitterly criticized and threatened to