Метка: Australia

Forn 7. A Journey to Australia

Form 7 Unit 7 Read the texts and answer the questions. Questions: 1) What do we call the fleet that sailed from Britain to Australia in 1787? 2) How many ships were there in the fleet? 3) What was the Captain’s name? 4) How much did it take the fleet to sail from Portsmouth to

Form 7. First settlers of Australia

Watch the video and say who were the first settlers of Australia. http://fadlmedia.s3.amazonaws.com/timeline/clips/convictsteal_pr.mp4   For more information visit http://dl.nfsa.gov.au/module/1614/ http://panique.com.au/trishansoz/first-fleet/the-first-fleet.html http://www.braingle.com/trivia/quiz.php?id=32300