Метка: Dest B1

Dest B1 Unit 36 Vocabulary to learn

Unit 36 Nature and the Universe amazing (adj) удивительный, изумительный climate (n) климат countryside (n) сельская местность environment (n) окружающая среда extinct (adj) вымерший forecast (v) прогнозировать (часто о погоде), предсказывать forecast (n) предсказание, прогноз freezing (adj) очень холодный, ледяной global (adj) всемирный, глобальный heatwave (n) период сильной жары insect (n) насекомое lightning (n) молния

Dest B1 Unit 24 WF

Use reference material  if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 24   agree believe courage elect equal life nation peace prison shoot/ing 1. The two countries signed an *** to jointly launch satellites. [AGREE] 2. I *** never expected to become a writer. [CERTAIN] 3. You must continue to see them no matter how much

Dest B1 Unit 21 WF

Use reference material  if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 21 certain communicate connect deliver express inform predict secret speak translate 1. Today’s inflation figure is *** too high… [CERTAIN] 2. I have told them with absolute *** there’ll be no change of policy… [CERTAIN] 3. Radio was the pilot’s only means of ***. [COMMUNICATE]

Dest B1 Unit 15 WF

Unit 15 Add afford compare decide expense judge serve true use value She’s young and dynamic and will be a great *** to the team. [ADD] The company makes wearable, beautifully cut clothes at *** prices. [AFFORD] Jane is still quite young, and Fiona seems old by ***. [COMPARE] The villagers are furious about the *** to

Dest B1 Unit 12 WF

Unit 12 able admire care confident forgive honest introduce lie person relate These machines are destroying our *** to think. [ABLE] *** people should have the same rights and choices as everyone else. [ABLE] He was considered *** to cope with the pressure of the job. [ABLE] He’s a man for whom I have the greatest

Dest B1 Unit 9 WF

Unit 9 attract back choose comfort depart direct drive fly travel visit His love for her was not just physical ***. [ATTRACT] She’s a very *** woman… [ATTRACT] It’s an *** illustrated, detailed guide that’s very practical. [ATTRACT] High mortgage rates have decreased the *** of house-owning. [ATTRACT] When the car hit him he was thrown *** two

Dest B1 Unit 6 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 6 begin brave  correct divide educate instruct memory refer silent simplе The course is suitable for *** and advanced students… [BEGIN] This was also the *** of her recording career… [BEGIN] He deserves the highest praise for his ***. [BRAVE] She faced the consequences ***.

Dest B1 Unit 3 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise. Unit 3 act  athlete  child   collect   entertain  hero   music   play  sail  sing They recorded the *** of the drug on the nervous system. [ACT] Who’s your favourite ***?» «Robert de Niro.» [ACT] Both of his parents were very politically ***. [ACT] It’s bad for your health

Dest B1 (reference material)

Destination B1 Reference material — что это? Это справочный материал к составленным авторами упражнениям на словообразование к учебнику Destination B1. Попытка достигнуть необходимой повторяемости при  тренировке ЛЕ в упражнениях. Для начала список всех ЛЕ учебника. Уровень для начинающих работать со словообразованием. ♦able – способный ability способность inability неспособность, неумение; невозможность; несостоятельность disability неспособность, инвалидность unable