Past Simple and Past Continuous with Side by Side

Fill in the missing forms of the verbs in brackets.

Watch the video and fill in the gaps with the verbs in Past Simple or Past Continuous. Then press "Check" to check your answers.
I´m here at the main office of the Centerville power company with Fred Watts, the company´s director of public information.

- Mister Watts, what (1) (happen) last night?
- Well, Gloria, as you know the lights (2) (go) out all over the town.
- Yes, we know that, Mister Watts. Can you tell us why?
- Well, we aren´t sure yet. We know that it (3) (rain) very hard when the blackout (4) (occur) [произошло отключение электричества] but we aren´t certain that´s the reason for the problem. We´re working on it.
- Mr. Watts, is it true that you (5) (have) a big party here last night and nobody (6) (watch) the controls?
- Absolutely not! We (7) (work) here and doing our jobs as usual.
- Well, thank you for talking with us, Mr. Watts.
So, Bob and Jackie, that´s what we know right now. It (8) (rain) very hard last night and perhaps that´s the reason the lights (9) (go) out all over the town.
This is Gloria Rodriguez reporting alive from the power company for Side by side TV news.