Form 6. A film Review. Shrek

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   breathtaking      comedy      faraway      loveable      marvelous      perfect      talking      terrific      thrilling      unlikely   
Shrek is an animated family about an hero, a princess and the journey they take to find true love. This is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. It’s also one of the sweetest [прелестный] romances. The movie is a fairy tale, with a plot [сюжет] and a happily-ever-after ending.
The huge, ugly, bug-eating, tube-eared, gassy green ogre [`əugə] is so .
Shrek is a solitary [любящий уединение] kind of guy. He’s not looking for [не ищет] love, friendship, or neighbours [соседи]. He loves his secluded [уединённый] little bug-infested [с ползающими жуками] swamp [болото].
The actors doing the voices in Shrek are . The voice talents of Mike Myers (as Shrek), Eddie Murphy (as the donkey), Cameron Diaz (as Princess Fiona), and John Lithgow (as Farquaad) are all . The computer animation is .
The film shows friendship, forgiveness [прощение], bravery and standing up for [верность] what you believe. It teaches us to follow our heart [слушать сердце] and not to judge people by their appearances [не судить по внешности].