Living in the Country

Correction of mistakes

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Some people prefer to in a big city while others prefer to live in the or in a small town. As for me, I prefer living in the country.
I was born in Uritskoye and all my friends and my family live here. Uritskoye is a big village in the suburb of Gomel. Or I'd rather say it resembles a small town with eight-storey buildings, kindergartens, a bank, a and some shops and outlets.
I can say living in the country is a very good thing as there is no pollution or jam here. You can feel the beauty of nature around. Moreover, it is to live in a village than in a big city as all people here each other.
Life is cheaper in a village than in a big city. Many families keep cows, pigs, chickens and they don't have to buy milk, , eggs, butter or cottage cheese. Of course, they have to work hard looking after their farm animals.
On the other hand, big companies are usually located in cities and it's difficult or even impossible to get a good job in the country. So most of my friends' parents in Gomel.
Some people that there is no good level of education in the country but I disagree. With modern means of communication you can get lessons on Skype or take a distance learning course. It depends on a person.
To sum it up, I'd like to mention that in a big city it may be to go out at night if you feel bored. Things are different in the country.